Standalone WebFPGA Board (Pre-Order)

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From the moment you open the package, you'll be able to write, synthesize, and flash Verilog code! (VHDL support is in the works.) Try out the IDE here:

NOTE: THIS IS A PRE-ORDER! We have recently been funded on KickStarter ( Your device will be shipped sometime in September.

General Specs
4-IO bridged communication between MCU and FPGA
On-board Neopixel RGB LED
User button
Reset button
User Single-Color LED
On-board precision clock oscillator

FPGA Specs
Lattice iCE40UP5k FPGA
39 IOs (32 accessible)
5280 logic cells
1 Mbit SRAM
120 Kbit Block RAM
Hardened SPI/I2C macros
10 Khz & 48 MHz internal oscillator
On-board PLL & DSP functions

Microcontroller Specs
STM32F04-Series MCU
WebUSB interface
Fully user-programmable
48 MHz internal clock
32 KB flash
16 Mbit shared flash